10:23am Feb 3: I'm only 25 minutes into my pedicure. All I can say is AMAZING! The ambiance and customer service is incredible. I'm sitting here drinking an herbal chocolate tea with a lavender neck pillow and hot towels on my legs. It's very private and comfortable here. I will seriously never go anywhere else.

— Nicole

Thanks Young! As a nurse, I was very particular about what nail salon I should go to, due to all of the lack of sanitation and cleanliness. The number one reason why I’m absolutely fond of your spa, is because it is located inside a very clean medical office! I am so glad that I have found you, your spa, and this lovely website! Hope you do very well, and good luck on your business. 

— Marissa

I truly enjoy going to get my pedicures with Young.I have been a client of hers for at least 2 years. She uses wonderful natural ingredients much of which she personally makes herself. I just love the hot stone massage and it’s always so comfortable and relaxing when I go for a treatment. Young is truly a professional and really knows how to give excellent manicures and manicures. In addition, she is very pleasant and cares greatly about her customers. I can’t wait for my next appointment! 

— Lydia Lilli